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Barry Trobaugh Testimonial

November 30, 2015 – After The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Students on Broadway NYC Stands Alone at the Top !

Having been chosen to perform in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is exciting, but the greater challenge was putting together a trip that would be worthy of such an honor.

Jerry and his crew at Students on Broadway was the right choice!

In my 34-year career of moving student bands across the nation, I have never been happier with both the macro and micro elements that made our latest trip one of a lifetime.  At a moment that my program had the chance to shine brightly, Students on Broadway made it all possible and without a hitch.

Who knows more about a city than those citizens within the city?  With their unique perspective of New York City as well as all its dynamics, the fact that Students on Broadway is located in New York and designed around New York is vital to the success of any trip into the city.  Jerry and his very talented staff not only designed an itinerary that met the needs of the 600+ members traveling in our group, but also managed the smallest of details to ensure the smoothest and most efficient trip possible.  Working closely with our local coach company and coordinating all our requests with great passion, a unique tour company must be selected.  Our goal was to perform for the world AND witness the many sights and sounds of NYC, and that is exactly what Students on Broadway made possible.

Our specific trip included a public concert in Central Park, an amazing indoor rehearsal site, professional tour guides throughout the city, a Broadway musical, and a post-parade celebration cruise on the Hudson River.  My students will never forget this experience as it was so much more than just the Macy’s Parade.  Students on Broadway’s touch certainly added an invaluable level of professionalism and personalization to my program’s greatest moment.  We are forever grateful.

If you are bringing your group to New York City, Jerry and his staff at Students on Broadway offer the ultimate experience at an amazing value.  If you wish to truly experience NYC, Students on Broadway NYC is your ONLY choice.

Barry Trobaugh
Director of Bands
Munford High School
Munford Tennessee


May 2014 – Just Chosen For The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!

In the typical whirlwind after acceptance to the 2015 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, one can only imagine all the things to do, people to talk with AND the monumental task of travel plans.  It is quite an exciting time in Munford, Tennessee as we make our plans to travel to New York City and the biggest event in our school’s history.  It was easy to see our way to choose Students On Broadway / Parade Bands NYC to make our plans, as they “are” New York City, but we never imagined how great a choice it would turn out to be.

At a recent gathering of Band Members, their parents, and various school officials, Jeff Beckman, a former band director, a past participant in the Macy’s experience AND a Students On Broadway NYC Team Member took to the stage and systematically described the multitude of experiences that both the students and adults will encounter in New York City.

At evening’s end, the buzz was and still remains incredible.  Talk was not about how we would pull off such a monumental trip from Tennessee, but rather how unique this experience was going to be for the nearly 300 travelers.  The quality of work completed BEFORE our gathering, and the personalization of the activities speaks to our choice of partnering with Students On Broadway NYC.

Sincerely excited,

Barry Trobaugh
Director of Bands
Munford High School
Munford Tennessee

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